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Capture Anything Online With one click

Ditch the cluttered tabs, keep all the content you need in one place, and never lose track of important links again.
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Google ChromeMicrosoft EdgeBrave
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The Tab Apocalypse Is Real.
‍End It Now!

Designed specifically for your bookmarks and links — Pluq removes workflow inefficiencies, increases productivity, and cures the open tab madness.
URL Uploader

Bulk upload URLs

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Create and join collaborative workspaces, manage permissions, and save together.
Browser Extension

One-click save from your browser

Customize permissions and generate shareable links for web-wide distribution.
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Web Clipper

Save anything, anytime, anywhere with your new browser sidekick

Save it with one click

Just right-click anything you find online and choose the Pluq menu option.

Choose its destination

Give it a home in any of your Pluq workspaces — save to a Folder or Stash it for later.

Use it anywhere

While installed to your browser, Pluq is always by your side and works where you work.

Your new browser sidekick

The Pluq browser extension integrates seamlessly with Google Chrome — working wherever you do.

Supported Browsers

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Cloud Dashboard

Secure cloud storage for your links. Never sold.

Intuitive bookmarking and content management to streamline your online life and boost productivity — secured behind Google Cloud.

Go beyond bookmarks & save what matters

Save more than just URLs. Capture web pages, images, videos, and links directly into your Pluq workspaces using our Chrome extension.

Keep content organized & find what you need — fast

Organize saved content with folders or utilize the Stash for quick access. Search, sort, and filter functionality ensures you find what you need.

Make Pluq yours & tackle any project

Your organizational system is unique. Use your Personal workspace or create additional ones to make Pluq fit your workflow.

Intuitive Bookmarking And Content Management

Browser Extension

Save any bookmark or URL

Using the Pluq browser extension, right-click-save any web page or online content from within your tab.
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Secure Cloud storage

Organize, browse, and preview links from one space

Keep your bookmarks and links safe and organized in the cloud — accessible wherever you are.
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Create Multiple workspaces

Get the right amount of storage space for you

Your personal workspace is yours.Additional workspaces offer more storage, enhanced organization, and increased collaborative capabilities.
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Content management

Organize, find, & preview everything in seconds

Create nested folders. Save content to the Stash. Preview content in-app. Search, sort, filter, & organize in bulk.
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Web-wide accessibility

Compatible with 190m+ websites on all Chromium browsers

Install and use the Pluq Browser Extension anywhere on the web — via Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, and more!
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Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try Pluq for free for 14 days. Get started!
Do you offer refunds?
We sure do! To request a refund, please submit your request here.
Will Pluq affect speed and performance?
Nope! The Pluq browser extension is super lightweight (under 3MB) and should not negatively impact performance. If you experience issues, please contact us.  
What browsers does Pluq support?
Pluq is available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. Visit the Chrome Web Store to install.
How does billing work?
Billing works on a recurring basis according to your plan type. We partner with Stripe for easy & secure payments.

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Pluq is lightning-fast and won't slow you down. Save everything you need to stay organized online - without interrupting your workflow.

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